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NISSAN S12 240SX S13 S14 3" Intercooler Piping Kit + BOV
Quantity in Basket: None
Item Code: IC0022-TF-KIT300-EB-BOV009-BLS-5
Our Price: $264.00
Shipping Weight: 39.00 pounds
Intercooler + Aluminum Piping + BOV & Flange Pipe + Silicon Hose + T-Clamp

Latest Tube and Fin Design, Diamond-Cut Shape Tube, Better Air Flow, Maximizing Cooling Efficiency

Tube & Fin Intercooler
-Core Size: 23.5x11.5x2.75 inch
-Overall Size: 30.75x11.75x3 inch
-Inlet and outlet sizes: 3 inch

Great for Many Turbo Intercooler Applications.

Item(s) Included:
-Intercooler x1
-3" 45 Degree Aluminum Pipe x2
-3" 75 Degree Aluminum Pipe x2
-3" Straight Aluminum Pipe x2
-3" U-Bend Aluminum Pipe x2
-3" Straight Silicon Hose x6
-3" 45 Degree Hose x1
-3" 90 Degree Hose x1
-3" Stainless Steel T-Clamp x16
-Blow Off Valve x1
-3" Aluminum BOV Flange Pipe x1
-Vacuum Hose And Accessories

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