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GT30 GT3082R Stage III Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbo Charger T3 4 Bolt
Quantity in Basket: None
Our Price: $449.00
Shipping Weight: 25.00 pounds
  T3 Turbo Manifold Flange Add $19
  Boost Controller Add $19
Ball Bearing GT30 GT3082R Turbo Charger
Stage III Ceramic Ball Bearing on Compressor Side
.70 A/R Compressor Housing
.63 A/R Turbine Housing For Super Fast Spool 2.0L Motors
T3 Flange to Manifold
3" 4 bolt Downpipe Flange
4" Air Inlet and 2.5" Turbo Outlet
Works for Many Bigger HP Applications, 400-600 HP
Exactly Same as the Picture Below
Professional Installer Is Highly Recommend

Item(s) Specification :
- 4" Air Inlet
- 2.5" Compressed Air Outlet
- Ceramic Ball Bearing on Compressor Side Compressor
- Standard T3 Turbine Housing Flange
- 4 bolt 3" Exhaust Outlet
- 400-600 HP
- Oil /Water Cooled
- Working Pressure: 8-30 PSI
- 0.70 A/R Compressor
- 0.63 A/R Turbine
- Compressor Wheel (Major/Exducer): 76/57mm
- Turbine Wheel (Major/Inducer): 82/61.4mm

Optional T3 T04E Turbo Manifold Flange

Optional Manual Turbo Boost Controller

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