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GT35 T3 Turbo Charger Anti-Surge Housing Larger T72 Spec Wheels
Quantity in Basket: None
Item Code: TRB-GT35-2-72
Our Price: $299.00
Shipping Weight: 27.00 pounds
CXRacing GT35 Turbo Charger with Enlarged Wheels

This Turbo Has Regular GT35 Housing Footprint, But with Larger Compressor and Turbine Wheels (T72 Spec), Makes More Power, Perfect for Applications That Have Limited Space But Need Big Power.

T3 Flange to Manifold

2.5" 4 Bolts Downpipe Flange

4" Air Inlet and 2.5" Turbo Outlet

Works for Many Big HP Applications, 500-600 HP

High Quality Built Product. Each Turbo is Individually Tested and Computer Balanced.

BRAND NEW, Not Used, Not Remanufactured.

Item(s) Specification:
- 4" Air Inlet
- 2.5" Compressed Air Outlet
- Journal Bearing
- Standard T3 Turbine Housing Flange
- 4 Bolts 2.5" Exhaust Outlet
- 500-600HP
- Oil Cooled
- Working Pressure: 8-30 PSI
- Compressor: 0.70 A/R
- Turbine: 0.68 A/R
- Compressor Wheel (Major/Exducer): 102/72mm
- Turbine Wheel (Major/Inducer): 69.5/63.5mm
- Works for Many Big HP Applications

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