Dealer Inquiries

Authorized CXRacing Dealer Proposal Outline


If you are interested in becoming an Authorized CXRacing Dealer, please submit the following:


Business Information

* Company Name

* Doing Business As (DBA)



* First Name:

* Last Name:

* Title:

* Tel/Fax:

* E-mail:



Business Address

* Address 1:

Address 2:

* City:

* State / Province:

* ZipCode / PostalCode:

* Country:


Additional Business Information

Type of business - Corporation, LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietorship, etc.

Ownership - names, ownership interest, title

Other companies affiliated / owned

Length of time in business

Product-lines authorized for sale and length of time carried by your company

Identify your company's #1 product line by volume and by revenue - state the annual dollar volume

Identify your company's key product (top selling) and revenue

Geographic market area covered by your company and what area you planto cover with CXRacing Products

Forecast the planned annual sales of CXRacing Products

Key product (top selling)


Credit References

Bank references

Business references

Following review of the above material, you will be contacted by CXRacing to further discuss your application and its merit.